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How to Create A Blog on Blogger Free ? [Tutorial]

Create a Blog on Blogger Free – Spread Your Ideas and Your Personal Experience Through Blogging is a Best Way to Express Yourself to World. It is a Best Way to Shout to the World of Your Existence.

We think Everybody should have their Own Blog where they can Share Life Experience, Ideas and Other Informative Articles that Others Don’t Know. There are Two Popular Blogging Platform Around the Web Blogger & WordPress and Here we are going to Post “Blogger – How to Create a Blog on Blogger Free”.

Many of Bloggers Choose Blogger Platform Because of Below Reasons >>
  1. Easy to Handle. 
  2. Simple And Easy Interface. 
  3. Third Party Template Support. 
  4. Add Third Party Java Scripts and Codes. 
If You are going to start a Blog Like Professional, So Here we Share a Full Blogger Guide to Start a Good Looking Blog. Simply our Post is Divide into 4 Parts. Follow these Simple Four Steps to Make a Blog Good Looking and Professional. When You start a Blog on Blogger Platform Keep in Mind You have Google Account and have a Knowledge of little bit HTML and CSS. Once you created your Google Account, login to Blogger and Create blog from Dashboard as many as you want. Now remember below simple Steps to create a smart looking and a Professional BLOG.

Step-1. Choose a Blog Name:

After Creating a Blog on Blogger Free Just Keep in Mind that Whenever You make a Professional and Good Looking Blog So First Thing is to Choose a Better Blog Name. For Example If You Make a Blog on Gadgets and Reviews Choose Blog name Like Techno-Grill, Tech-Geek etc. Whatever You Like. Note that, Always Choose Those name that Not Exists on Web. We Take a Very Good Example, Currently On My Mind that is, There is No Meaning of Labnol. It is a Self Made Name by the Author – Amit Agarwal. So we Recommend to our Readers Please Choose Your Blog name Wisely.

Step-2. Select Blog Niche:
It is more Difficult to Choose Blog Niche that Create a Blog on Blogger Free. Select a Blog Niche is Very Difficult Work According to Me. Blog Niche Basically a Category of Your Blog that What You Post on About. Choose Always Blog Niche According to Interest and Hobby. Let’s Take Example – If You Make a Blog on Software So Note that Always Post About Softwares and all Related Stuffs to Software. It is a Very Critical Part of Whole Blogging Because Sometimes We are Interested in Some Other Field Like Hacking, Blogging and Technology. So we Choose Blogging as a My Blog Niche Because we Give #1 Priority to Blogging. So Guys Choose Only that Niche that You really Interested in.

Step-3. Choose a Right Template:

We just feel pity on Some Free Style Bloggers Who Use Free Blogger Templates without any Knowledge of SEO. (If You Don’t Know What is SEO ) When You Download a Blogger Template It is not Optimized with SEO because Professional Templates are Premium. Don’t Worry if you Know about SEO so You can Customize it your self.
Firstly you should Look Design and Interface of Template. If It is Suitable to Your Blog so Don’t Wait Just Pick Up. Now we are telling you the Dark Truth Of Blogger Templates that Every Website that Give You Blogger Template that have Some Template Faulty(100% Sure). Faults are Given Below :
  • H1 Tag For Post Title. 
  • Meta Description and Meta Tags. 
  • Hidden Scripts. 
  • Optimized Blog Title. 
  • Lack Of SEO. 
  • Use too many Scripts in One Template. 
So Many Blogger Face Problem Related Blogger Template Here we Give You a Option of Blogger Template to Choose Professional and SEO Friendly Template that is Better For Bloggers Around the Web.

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Step-4. Blogger Widget:

Blogger Widget is Very Basic Need of any Blogger Sometime Widget Increase Your Blog Audience. Example If You Use Social Media Buttons and Subscription Box that Increase Your Audience Day by Day. So we Discuss About Blogger Widget Here. Check Below List We Provide Some Basic Widget that We Provide with Step by Step Tutorial. Blogger Widgets can easy your work of Sharing, Interface and make your Blog More Attractive.

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Here we are Going to End our Tutorial on “How to Create a Blog on Blogger Free ?”. But at the End we are Giving You the Strict Instruction that nowadays Blogging is a Very Hard Game So, to be a Survivor in Blogging World you must Learn Basics Of SEO.
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