Monday, September 12

Remove Or Hide Footer Link From Blogger Templates

Hello guys! After a long ... I am back again with an interesting topic. Yeah! Today I am going to give you some tips/tricks to Remove Footer Credit Link from your beautiful templates; i.e. obviously from the awesome free templates.

We see lots of cute, impressive and professional templates are available on the web in free of charge. But in the footer of the blog, you may notice that the template creator placed a credit link for their website. Most of the Template (or Theme) Designers keep a secret id (like 'mycontent') to their designed template for not to be pirated. Because template Designers had put their hard works to build a single template. If we try to remove them, then the site is automatically redirected to another site that is very irritating ... Doesn't it?

So, we can't use many of them because of this footer credit link. Don't worry! Hereafter you can use any free templates you want without templates owner's footer link.

You basically have 2 choices ... Either you can Hide the Credit Links or you can Remove it Permanently from the blogger templates (themes).

After that 'The Blog' is Ours and Credit Link too ...    

Way No. 1: Hide Blogger Credit Links Using CSS:

Step No. 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard>Template>Edit HTML.

Step No. 2: Use (CTRL + F) and search any of the following words within your html code.

"Designed By"/"Template By"/"Developed By"/(Or) similar words

Step No. 3: After you find one of the above similar words, Just Before "Designed By", copy and paste the following code;

<div style="visibility:hidden">

And close by </div> Like Our's - 

<div style="visibility:hidden">Designed by <a href='' id='credit'>Bloggertheme9</a></div>

See below screenshot:-

Step No. 4: Now press on "Save template". That's it, you are done. You hide the footer credit link from your awesome template.

Way No. 2: Removing Blogger Footer Links Using CDATA:

Step No. 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard>Template>Edit HTML.

Step No. 2: Use (CTRL + F) and search the code provided below within your html code.

" //<![CDATA[ "

Step No. 4: Now Search the word "mycontent" and change that word like The SEO Feed (your domain name).

Step No. 5: Now change the Credit Link as you wish and click on "Save template". You are done now. The footer has been permanently removable and you can put the Credit of your own. Cheers!

We hope you understand above 2 Ways to Hide Or Remove Footer Link Permanently from the Blogger Templates ... If you have any difficulties, don't hesitate to ask us. Or you can use the comment section below to drop your ideas, responses, difficulties, etc. Otherwise, use our contact form. Have a great day guys!
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