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How to Recover Deleted BLOG

When you can't recover Deleted Blogger Blog ?

The blogger blog which has been deleted for participating in hacking, malware and spam host can't be recovered.

You can't recover blog if recovery period of 90 days are over.

Accidentally deleted your blogger blog? Don't worry because blogger platform helps you to recover your deleted blog with just one click. All the deleted blogger post,comment, pages event which happens due to bog delete will be undone with just one click.Provided you blogger blog should not be deleted for more then 89 day's because once 90 days of blogger blog deletion period is over then it's impossible to recover your blog. Even the sub domain of your blogspot blog will be deleted from your account and will be available for other blogger to register it.If your delete blogger blog is under recovery period then only you can recover it.
Bloggers are increasing across the world in a huge number in daily basis. Most of the blogs are violating copyrights, Only few blogs are running genuinely. The blogs, Which are running with Copied content, illegal material..etc., will be deleted due to DMCA.

Google only deletes the blogs, which are violating Blogger and DMCA terms permanently without any Notification. Most of the blogs are deleted in a monthly basis, sometimes genuinely and sometimes mistakenly. If you are sure that, your blog is deleted mistakenly, don't worry ! you can recover your blog easily. If your blog is deleted due to copyright violation, your blog will not be back. Be patience, there are several ways to get your blog back, if your blog is deleted mistakenly. Just follow below steps:

Step-1. Contact Blogger Team

Send a counter notice to Blogger team and mention everything about your blog in a peaceful manner. You have to submit your Name, Email, Phone Number, Blog Address (Not custom domain, Provide your blogspot address) and signature in the following form.
Contact Blogger Team

Step-2. Send a Spam Appeal

If you have not received any response by contacting Blogger Team, Then submit an appeal by using this Secret form.
Request Blogger team to take you seriously

Step-3. Post a thread at Blogger Help Forums

Post your appeal in a peaceful manner with exact details at Blogger Help Forums. Click the following link and make a thread there.
Blogger Help Forums

Step-4. Visit Google Customer Service Center

You can consult GCSC (Google Customer Service Center) office located at your local town or city. If you are running your blog officially with huge number of followers, Consult a GCSC office which is located nearer to your area. All GCS Centers across the world are located in the below page.
List of Google Customer Services Centers across the world

Why a Blog Deletes, even though the Blog is running Genuinely ?

Every day, Google receives a big number of DMCA complaint reports. Blogger team verifies their level the best and takes an action against the infringed URL. Some of hackers sends false claims with neat presentations to confuse Blogger team. If blogger team confuses, Then your content will deletes. If you are sure that, Your content is legal, Then you can re-appeal to Blogger team from the mail, Which you receives after the deletion of the content. If your blog receives many false claims at a time and Blogger team confuses, Then your blog will deletes.

So, Blogger giving an opportunity for genuine bloggers to restore their blogs back. Just follow the above steps. If you ran your blog officially, without violating Blogger terms, Your blog will definitely backs.

Doubts ?

After submitting an appeal to Blogger Team, Give at least 24-48 hours to google. If your blog is not restored, Then only go to step 2. Many people restored their little baby without any loss. If your blog is not back from all the three steps, Go to the fourth step. Then you can know the full details. Please note that, Don't make any false claims. That will lead to suspension of your Blogger account!

If you have still any doubts regarding this, Feel free to ask below by adding a comment.
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