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101 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Creating a blog is easy, but creating a successful blog is hard. What makes a blog successful? Obviously Traffic! But the problem is how to increase your website traffic. Lack of website traffic is one of the most common problems of bloggers. Traffic is the only thing where it all starts. No traffic means Nothing. There is no huge secret in increasing your website traffic. It all comes to passion, patience, hardwork, quality content and most important, the 101 Ways that we're going to share today.

So, if you just created a blog or you're struggling to increase your traffic then this article is going to be a great resource for you. There are thousand of ways that you can use for generating traffic.

In this article, I am going to share 101 ways for increasing your website traffic. I hope you find it useful.

Get Social:

1- Share your Posts on Facebook
2- Create a Facebook Page for your Blog
3- Link your Blog on your Page and Share your blog posts on your Facebook page
4- Tweet your Posts - Tweet your posts when you publish them on your Blog
5- Join Facebook Groups - Join Facebook Groups related to your niche
6- Create your Own Facebook Group
7- Share your Posts on Google Plus
8- Share your Posts on Triberr
9- Join Google Plus communities and share your posts
10- Comment on other Blogs
11- Join Reddit and Share your Posts on Reddit
12- Submit your Blog Posts to StumbleUpon
13- Build an Email Subscriber List
14- Add Social Sharing buttons to your Blog
15- Let your Visitors easily share your Blog Posts
16- Join Blogging Communities - Top Blogging Communities
17- Submit your Posts to Blogging Communities and interact with other bloggers
18- Sign up for feedburner
19- Add RSS Feed button to your Blog
20- Reply to Comments on your Blog
21- Reply to all emails you receive
22- Join LinkedIn and link to your Blog
23- Share your Content on LinkedIn
24- Join Pinterest and Add your blog to your profile
25- Pin images of other websites
26- Interact with your Readers
27- Join Digg - Create a Digg account and submit your posts to Digg
28- Collaborate with other Bloggers

Content Is King:

29- Write interesting and catchy Headlines/Post Titles
30- Write Quality Content31- Improve your Writing Skills
32- Post Consistently
33- Include images in your Posts
34- Add a Pinterest Pin button to Images
35- Create a Top 10 Posts List
36- Create a Top 100 Posts List
37- Proof Read your Blog Posts
38- Avoid Grammar Mistakes
39- Write like Professionals
40- Publish Guest Posts
41- Submit Content to Article Directories
42- Start Guest Blogging - Write articles and submit them on other top websites
43- Improve your Posts SEO
44- Write about trending topics
45- Optimize your Existing Posts

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

46- Make your Blog SEO Friendly47- Use keywords in your Post Title
48- Make Use of Trackbacks
49- Search for Keywords using Google Keyword Planner
50- Use Long Tail keywords
51- Include Post tags
52- Optimize Permalinks
53- Optimize your Robots.txt file
54- Add Alt Text and Title Text to Images
55- Improve your Site Speed
56- Interlink your Blog Posts
57- Install SEO Plugins
58- Write unique Meta Descriptions
59- Use Headings (h1, h2, h3 h4 tags)
60- Submit your Blog to Google Webmasters
61- Submit your Blog to Bing tools
62- Submit your Sitemap to Google and Bing
63- Publish articles with Infographics - Easel.ly Infographics

Blog Design:

64- Choose a Unique Template for your Blog
65- Optimize your Template
66- Make your Blog Navigation Easy
67- Add widgets like Popular Posts, Most Commented Posts etc.
68- Add Related Posts widget to your Blog
69- Add Social Sharing buttons to your Blog
70- Make your Template Responsive
71- Optimize your blog for Mobile Devices
72- Add a Search Box to your Blog

Paid Method:

73- Google Adwords
74- Direct Advertising
75- Facebook Ads
76- Banner Advertising
77- Sponsored Reviews Other Miscellaneous Ways:
78- Add your Blog to Alltop
79- Yahoo Answers - Answer questions on yahoo answers related to your niche
80- Quora Answers - Answer questions on Quora
81- Add your Blog to Technorati
82- Add your Blog to top directories
83- Ping your Website after Publishing a Post
84- Add a Sitemap to your Blog
85- Create a FAQ Page
86- Interview other Bloggers
87- Create a Series of Posts
88- Create a separate Contact and About Page
89- Write an impressive About Us page
90- Increase conversion rates
91- Decrease your Bounce rate by creating a special Landing Page 92- Run Giveaways
93- Organize Competitions
94- Join Online Forums
95- Create a Forum on your Website
96- Install Google Analytics and keep an eye on your Traffic
97- Link to your Blog in your email signature
98- Use Bookmarking Websites like Delicious
99- Tell your Friends about your Blog
100- Ask your Friends to Promote your Posts
101- Ask your Friends to Share your blog link on their Profiles

Final Word:

There are thousands of methods for increasing your Blog traffic. We just shared some of them. Remember, If you want to achieve something then you've to do hardwork. Same is the case with blogging, to make your blog successful, do hardwork, be passionate and determined, write killer content, share it everywhere you can, focus on your blog SEO and don't give up.

If you’ve got your own tips for increasing traffic, we’d love to hear them.What’s your favorite technique for increasing traffic? Let us know in the comments section below.
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